Y + M = Success‏

Those Who Are Mentored Become Great Mentors In Their Own Right. This is definitely true of Raymond Aaron. He has a different mentor for each aspect of his life. His business mentor is Nido Qubein who, himself, is a self made man from humble beginnings. Mentoring goes in ‘disciplic succession’. The student eventually becomes a teacher/mentor i his own right.

Raymond Aaron is living proof of this. Despite being a graduate he found himsel $100,000 in debt and divorced by his, then, wife, in his thirties. He had to go back, tail between his legs, to living in his mother’s home. After taking time out to review his life he was accepted, as a mentee by Robert Allen. From there he managed to rebuild his life and surpass his previous achievements.

For more information about Raymond go to http://www.raymondaaron.com

Leigh Ashton

I’ve just got back from meeting with my business mentor – and just had to share my enthusiasm for the brilliant support a fabulous mentor can provide!

I’m fully confident that, through my mentor, I’m getting the advice, insight and unbiased support I need to realise the business goals we’ve set.

How much help do you get in your business?
We all need help now and again. Those who say they don’t need it probably need it the most!!

Who have you got to bounce ideas off that doesn’t bring their own baggage into the equation? And do you seriously believe that someone, somewhere hasn’t had the same challenges you’re experiencing right now?

If you listed your top three current challenges, I would bet that these are issues that most business owners, business leaders, sales professionals have experienced in the past. Whether you’re running a small business, managing within a larger…

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