Clearing the Mind makes good Business Sense

A short lesson on remaining focused.


My business is getting off to a slow start this year, but that is alright, actually. I started 2015 with high hopes for a productive year. I was full of excitement at the return of my writing Muse, a mysterious entity that seemed to desert me during pregnancy with my second child back in 2013, and remained elusive during the past eighteen months. She is still sporadic with her appearances, but she is at least helping me to continue writing the fourth novel in my Redcliffe series. And she helped me to complete another novel that I am currently showing to agents and publishers.

The difficulty I have is keeping myself focused. My mind is often childlike, in that it flits about from one activity to the next, so that I am often left quite literally running in circles (well, not literally, but you know what I mean!), and not…

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