One BIG reason why you lose sales‏… plus a few tips on how to Increase sales!

Pleasure and pain is an ongoing thread throughout our lives. It applies to everything which we plan to do. This is what leads us to either act or procastinate.

Leigh Ashton

Did you know that, without meaning to, you’re turning away up to 40% of your potential customers?

Let me explain. In a nutshell, when choosing products or services, your customers will be motivated by one of two things; pleasure or pain. Never is the pain and pleasure principle more apparent than in the selling arena.

What about your customers?
Therefore it’s crucial you know whether your customers and prospects are motivated towards what they want (gain/pleasure) – or away from what they don’t want (pain) when they buy. Once you have established whether they are pain or gain motivated you can communicate with them in a way that is bound to build rapport, make them feel understood – and more likely lead to a fruitful supplier/customer relationship.

The Pleasure
Typically, when selling a product, the seller will concentrate on the positive features of the product (pleasures). The xyz widget can…

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