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Property Investors
By Jane Liew

Expert Author Jane Liew
How long would it take property investor make his first million?

Property Investor are willing to take responsibilities for their financial success. People like property investors only run into difficulties when the market or the economic environment turns against them. Financial independence is a cash flow problem. Your assets must generate the income required by your lifestyle. Upon retirement from active work, business or employment, you want your financial assets to generate the income required.

Financing the purchase of properties produces a challenge. Investing in properties comes to a head when you have trouble coping with the mortgage payments. We need more information on debt position. Is the investor relying on his business income to support the mortgage payments? If that is so, and everything goes smoothly, in 10 or 15 years’ time, they would have fully paid up their finance mortgages, and they would safely be a millionaire. However, if they active income gets disrupted and they are unable to hold on their properties, then their millionaire status will be affected. We need to see if they have any buffers against a drop in income.

Although statistics say that more than 90% of returns are attributable to the practice of asset allocation. People have succeeded with focusing on income properties. Of course, all the easy, no down payment purchases may have landed the US in trouble when people started defaulting on their mortgages. Some diversification makes sense but trick is to find assets that have a negative or low correlation with one another. Keeping your businesses can be sold for high values, depending on their nature.

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